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Strategic Marketing Consulting

 There are really two sides to every marketing campaign. The first has to do with the overall Strategic Marketing plan. It involves what you say and how you say it. The development of the Strategic Marketing Plan consist of writing marketing pieces that follow the Marketing Equation and developing an overall plan of what to say, and who to say it to. The first step is to figure out who is qualified to buy what you sell. Ask yourself: Under what circumstances does the typical prospect start to think about buying what we sell? The next step is to determine what is most important to your prospects when buying what you sell. What problems and frustrations do they have when dealing with your industry? This information is key when it comes to the third step which is listing and identifying everything that a typical prospect might need to know when buying what you sell. Once you have done this initial case building work, you will be ready for steps four and five which are developing the case and producing the specific evidence to prove that you are the person to do business with regardless of price. 


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