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Telecom OSS Design and Implementation

Shaantek’s Continuation Engineering Services team partners with Service Providers and System Providers to bridge the gap by providing on going sustainable product support and feature enhancements for their mature and legacy products. Some successful Continuation Engineering projects have been with organizations such as AT&T, STC, ADC etc. in the area of fault management, OSS mediation and telemetry.



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...we got a proposal from our in-house team, they said that it would take them take15 months to complete be responsive to our customer we just did not have the luxury of time...

-Manager  at a major telecom company


We worked with above mentioned client and was able to deliver a prototype in 10-weeks and a production roll-out in 7-months after project kick-off.

Consulting partnering can be extremely beneficial for both parties if the outsourcing partner is competent and the expectations are well defined.  When administered carefully, outsourcing can contribute to your efficiency and provide a range of advantages including:




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